ambitious thriller, fascinating story **** Peter, goodreads

Death in Shangri La.

Willy Mizrachi, an arms dealer, was murdered in India and Dotan Naor, an Israeli private investigator, tries to find out who did it. He is accompanied by Maya, a member of the secret service. They travel to India and begin their investigations. You read about terroristic attacs on Israeli people and get some fine background information on the political situation and motivation of different ethnic groups in India, Kashmir, Pakistan and Tibet. The author takes you into an exotic world (towns, markets, people) Western readers will never know from the insight perspective he has. Absolutely well done, thoroughly researched and captivating! What about Itiel, the son of Willy? Will he come back to Israel and take over his father’s business? What about Tashing and the role of Lobsang Jigme? In this ambitious thriller you get into a fascinating story you can’t put down. Every chapter offers new action and even if Dotan is no James Bond you’ll soon find out his fondness of women. If you want to read a fine thriller way out of the ordinary this is the book to consider. It’s a pageturning read. Highly recommended!

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