China: A Love Affair

First published in Israel: 1996

Publisher: Aryeh Nir Publishers Ltd.

Copy right © Yigal Zur

China: A Love Affair

China: A Love Affair is a fascinating book about another world, the world of riddles and mystery concealed behind the Chinese pagoda.

Together with Yigal Zur, an adventurer with the daring to try anything and a passion to experience everything, no matter how alien or strange, the reader visits dark temples with rare treasures buried in their cellars, meets flying monks, eats bear’s foot stew and snake soup, is awed by the miracles of Chinese medicine, and encounters love and erotica that stimulate all the senses.

Alongside folklore and incredibly weird customs, minorities preserving ancient traditions, thrilling Tang poetry, a mysterious language, and breathtaking landscape art, the book offers descriptions of contemporary China: a nation of peasants who awoke after the revolution and were suddenly introduced to the temptations of Western society.

China – A Reality Much Stranger Than Fiction

“The first time I went, I didn’t know where I was going or what kind of China I’d find,” says Yigal Zur. He was driven by boundless curiosity, an insatiable urge to travel, and a burning desire to try everything odd, different, and wondrous. The reality he discovered was more than he ever expected or imagined.

That was the beginning of a passionate love affair with China. “China is mine, because of the many years I spent getting to know her, because of my deep love and profound hatred for her, because of what she did to me and is still doing to me, just like any other volatile mistress.”