China: A Travel Guide

First published in Israel: 2007

Publisher: Am Oved Publishers Ltd.

Copy right © Yigal Zur

China: A Travel Guide

(collaboration with Dan Daor)

China is a vast country, fascinating in its diversity. Rich in natural wonders as well as striking cityscapes, it has a glorious cultural history, a myriad of tribal cultures, and a dynamic modern culture. It is a land simultaneously laden with memories and exploding with potential. And it is changing rapidly.

While highlighting the changes, this guide focuses mainly on what has remained virtually unaltered. It contains detailed descriptions of places worth visiting: cities, historical and archaeological sites, mountains and rivers, gardens and nature preserves, palaces, temples, and monasteries, including sites in Tibet and Hong Kong.

Both the Introduction and the subject boxes throughout the book provide information about the history and geography of the ancient empire that became a modern world power, its population, languages, religions, mythologies, art, and culinary traditions.

China: A Travel Guide is designed not only for organized tour groups or tourists exploring on their own, but also for armchair travelers. Alongside the practical and historical information, it contains a wealth of prose, poetry, and travelogues penned by Chinese and foreign travelers inspired by the sites described.