Cracks in the Global Village

First published in Israel: 2013

Publisher: Indiebook - Yigal Zur

Copy right © Yigal Zur

“I’m supposed to meet someone,” Yoav said, “Over there.” He pointed to Chabad House.

“There is no one there. Do you really expect to find him inside?” There was a slight hint of derision in the baba’s honeyed rolling laugh. It climbed a whole scale, drawing Yoav in and trapping him in its dizzying spell. The sound rang in his ears as if it came from far off. It was the sound of the sixth note in the scale, the short dha. There is nothing like it to remind the faithful of the distance between themselves and the divine.

Cracks in the Global Village is a collection of short stories and a novella that takes the reader on a compelling journey into the true meaning of the phrase “global village.” In stories set in India, Thailand, Central America, Africa, and Israel, the Western protagonists, most of them Israelis and all of them naive, find themselves entrenched in situations in foreign lands that often spell danger. All that remains is to see what will happen.

Unlike the locals, the protagonists are on a journey, or at least on a stop along the way, longing for something they can not call by name. They are seeking answers to questions of identity, belonging, connection. And they continue to seek, until what is supposed to happen happens, or until they fully understand what it is they are looking for. In the “global village,” everything is temporary, ephemeral, tenuous.

The Western world that Yigal Zur depicts stands on shaky ground. His protagonists dig beneath the foundations, often under the influence of drugs, only to discover the emptiness, the yawning abyss that lies below and constitutes a perpetual, mythic, fatalistic threat. There in the depths anything is possible: pain, loss, and even death.