Death in Shangri-La

First published in Israel: 2012

Publisher: Kinneret, Zmora, Dvir Ltd.

Copy right © Yigal Zur

Death in Shangri-La

“You’re delusional,” Willy said. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. Spiritual my ass.”

            I didn’t respond. I was calculating how many emotions a person can cram into one sentence.

            “My world is ugly, but at least it’s real,” he went on, hard-nosed as ever. “The spiritual world is a load of crap.”

Willy Mizrachi, an Israeli arms dealer, is murdered in a seedy hotel in Delhi. Private investigator Dotan Naor arrives in India only to discover than an innocent bet made exactly one year earlier has set the Himalayas on fire, with terrorists targeting Israelis. Rishikesh has ceased to be a sanctuary of spiritual refuge, Manali is no longer a place to chill out, and in Kashmir a young Israeli couple is being held hostage. Shangri-La, the hidden paradise on the slopes of the Himalayas, is being washed in Israeli blood.

Death in Shangri-La is a fast-paced suspense story that takes the reader on a journey to every Israeli’s worst nightmare – falling victim to terrorists. The plot races between two opposite poles: terror and spirituality. In the gap between them, two unexpected love stories unfold.

Yigal Zur presents his readers with the second book in the suspense series featuring Dotan Naor. If Naor began to get a taste of the Far East in Troubles in Paradise, here he is already an expert. But that still doesn’t make it simple.