Death in Shangri La

Publisher: Oceanview Usa

Terrorism in one of the world’s flashpoints


Dotan Naor, a former Israeli security agent, now private investigator, agrees to locate the missing son of ruthless Israeli arms merchant Willy Mizrachi. Willy is desperate to find his only son, Itiel, who has headed to an ashram in the Himalayas.

The Himalayas are also host to groups of young Israelis who have completed their mandatory military service—a sort of rite of passage. Now, those innocent kids are being hunted down by violent terrorists.

India and the disputed Kashmir region between India and Pakistan is familiar territory to Dotan, as he searches for Itiel and for the source of these heinous attacks on Israeli youth.

International repercussions escalate as Dotan races to find the connection—or is there no connection at all?

Praise for Death in Shangri-La:
“Dotan Naor is a character Steve McQueen would have fought to play: tough but insightful, ruthless but spiritually striving. Death in Shangri-La is a passport to a world most thriller readers haven’t seen before, and it’s a fascinating trip.”
Joseph Finder, New York Times best-selling author of The Switch

“Death in Shangri-La is a gripping read, part hard-boiled detective mystery and part contemporary thriller. Yigal Zur ventures down exotic lanes few have seen, but in the end readers will swear they’ve been there. Richly satisfying.”
Ward Larsen, USA Today best-selling author of Cutting Edge