Lost in Lotus Land

First published in Israel: 2017

Publisher: Keter Books

Copy right © Yigal Zur

Lost In Lotus Land

When a wealthy Israeli family asks private detective Dotan Naor to investigate the disappearance of their young daughter in Thailand, he has no idea what hornet’s nest he is stirring up or what monsters he is awakening. Even if he knew, it wouldn’t make any difference.

Together with the girl’s attractive and troubled mother, Iris, Dotan Naor sets out for Thailand in search of clues to a treacherous real estate deal that has cost everyone entangled in it more than merely their assets. The girl’s smiling face has already disappeared from the posters of missing people on the island, but Dotan and Iris are determined to find the child who vanished one morning
from the beautiful beach.



Lost In Lotus Land takes us to the back alleys of Thailand and Cambodia, to the hidden world behind the smiling faces and luxurious hotels. Against the exotic landscapes of Thailand, we discover a bloody arena of depravity, evil, and greed.

The plot moves at a breathtaking pace, revealing the role of the Russian and Israeli mafias, nefarious transactions, human trafficking, and a trail of corpses that pile up one after the other.