Tantra of Love

First published in Israel: 1998

Publisher: Aryeh Nir Publishers Ltd.

Copy right © Yigal Zur

Tantra Of Love

The Beating Heart of the Far East

Love and Erotica

Because nothing is more intriguing, arousing, and mysterious In the Far East. The most sensual place on earth

Erotica and love are an integral part of the Far East. Only there has love became an art to be practiced and refined until perfection is achieved. Only there is pleasure unconditional and is the mysticism of sensuality a means to sublime transcendence.

Tantra of Love – An Experience that Stimulates all the Senses

The book carries us on a fascinating journey that reveals the many faces of life, love, and erotica in the Far East, from the Taj Mahal and erotic temples in India and Nepal to the massage parlors of Bangkok, from Japanese geishas to prostitutes in contemporary China, from the Kama Sutra through ancient pornographic prose and poetry to the audacious magazines in today’s Japanese meat market.

Yigal Zur, writer and life-long world traveler, has been conducting a dialogue and a love affair with the Far East for many years. This time he takes us to the secret hideaways of love and erotica, wherever it is found and whatever form it takes in the enchanting East: in culture, religion, philosophy, and most importantly, in life, both in the distant past and at this very moment in time.