The Monsoon's End

First published in Israel: 1989

Publisher: Ma'ariv Book Guild

Copy right © Yigal Zur

The Monsoon’s End

“It was the start of a journey to the white clouds, to everything we longed for, either because it was lost or because it had not yet come into being, or maybe because it was in danger of disappearing from the human landscape.”

The Monsoon’s End is set in the Far East. Events take place in Israel or elsewhere in the world, or nowhere at all, which is, in effect, anywhere. People are always on a journey, or at most, at a rest stop along the way, searching for something they can not name, on a quest for answers to questions of identity, belonging, connection. And they keep searching until what is meant to happen happens, or until they understand what it is they are looking for, or decide where it is they want to go. Everything is temporary, ephemeral, tenuous. In the meantime, they meet, get to know one another, form alternative connections, travel a leg of the journey together, and then arrive at a crossroads where they part ways.

Yigal Zur breaks down the grand existential questions – where do we come from and where are we going – into small routine human questions: What to eat this morning? Where and with whom to sleep tonight? Who to love this evening? Where to go tomorrow? His prosaic language, which sometimes verges on slang, along with a façade of artless disinterest suggesting an attitude of “whatever happens happens,” hide an undercurrent of tension, violence, mystery, and perpetual mythic, fatalistic threat. There in the depths, anything is possible, even the grotesque, pain, and loss. Even death.