Troubles in Paradise

First published in Israel: 2011

Publisher: Kinneret, Zmora, Dvir Ltd.

Copy right © Yigal Zur

Troubles in Paradise

“What goes on out there, beyond the window, is not for the sensitive stomach of the innocent tourist who has come to see the sights and shop for bargains. Out there anything can happen; out there you’re on your own. In that Bangkok the plastic smile is gone. There are no tourists, only small worthless victims and large fish out to catch them in the night.”

Private detective Dotan Naor has been sunk in existential depression for a long time. When he is asked to find Sigal Bardon, a beautiful Israeli girl who has disappeared in Bangkok, he isn’t eager to accept the job. But he has a few old connections in Thailand and he’s very familiar with life on the margins of Bangkok society. Anyway, his relationship with Mira is coming apart at the seams. So maybe a little action in some far-off land would do him good.

Dotan soon learns that what awaits him in Thailand is a much more tangled web than he imagined, and that he is about to be sucked into a black hole from his past.

Troubles in Paradise is a fast-paced suspense novel with a decidedly Israeli flavor. Although the events take place in a different part of the globe, it delves deep into a microcosm studded with Israeli characters – grungy backpackers, businessmen, Foreign Ministry officials, ex-security agents, Buddhist monks, ruthless criminals, young druggies, philosophic whores. They all come together in a dizzying whirl of violence, passion, and spirituality.

Yigal Zur presents the reader with a tale of suspense liberally seasoned with self-humor, a story that reminds us once again that the motivating force behind every crime worthy of the name is no more than the desire to be loved.